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The Vancouver Chapter of the Society of Catholic Scientists


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About Society of Catholic Scientists

The Society of Catholic Scientists (SCS) is an international organization that fosters fellowship among Catholic scientists and witnesses to the harmony of faith and reason.

Image by Matt Wang

As a student in today's University, you have grown up in a world that rightly places great value in scientific reasoning, and ways of knowing. However, what's often left out of the picture is the extent to which faith and philosophy gave rise to the development of the sciences, and continue to provide the basis for its advancement, and the means to complement and enrich the understanding of reality that it affords. It is important to strive for a well-rounded education, and seek a deeper understanding of the scope of the scientific method, its healthy reliance on many types of reason and ways of knowing, as well as its complementarity and mutually enriching relationship to faith. The Society of Catholic scientists is unique in this regard, providing a bridge between the latest developments of science, and its relationship to the Catholic faith.

— Peter Copeland, Public policy advisor; Volunteer Animator with Catholic Conscience

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